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Hi, and thank you for visiting Eat Drink Stay Dubai – a guide to Dubai travel hacks and the best bar, club, brunch & hotel deals in Dubai.

I’ve started this blog as a free, unbiased and independent guide to eating, drinking, and staying in Dubai, from one resident’s viewpoint.

My one aim for this site – if I find a great experience, offer, deal or Dubai travel hack, then I will share it so others can benefit also.

For now, I’m looking to focus on :-

  • Dubai travel hacks  – How to use & maximise loyalty schemes like SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest), Emirates Skywards, Etihad Guest, American Airlines AAdvantage
  • Eat – breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch
  • Drink – bar, happy hour, brunch
  • Stay – hotel
  • Entertainment (comedy, theatre, cinema)
  • Travel – flights (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways)
Eat Drink Stay Dubai - Dubai Marina night

Dubai Marina at night from the Observatory Restaurant at Marriott Harbour Hotel



What this site is not :-

    • Aiming to tackle Trip Advisor, Time Out, What’s On etc. – all of which are great, professional and respected websites.
    • Aiming to give you a better deal than The Entertainer, Groupon, Cobone etc. – all of which are great, professional and respected websites.

What this site will hopefully be :-

    • Funny
    • Free
    • Informative
    • Unbiased – whilst it may detail my personal views or preferences, none of these will be influenced by payment or other inducements.

About Me

Firstly, I am no expert – nor do I profess to be.

I’m a middle-aged British expat, just sharing my experiences in this wonderful city. I love travel hacking and I love Dubai, so it makes sense to write about Dubai travel hacks.

Hopefully what I write may be useful, informative or just a good way to waste some time for people – if so, all’s good.


A note about terms used on this site….

  • DINNER – the traditional English evening meal, NOT the Northern English mid-day meal
  • LUNCH – the mid-day meal, NOT the Northern English ‘dinner’ (which is used on this site as the evening meal)
  • REVIEW – somewhere I have actually visited, or experienced
  • DISCOUNT – this can be an offer (something I’m promoting or been alerted to, but have not used yet) or a deal (something I have actually used)
  • OFFER – A discount that I’m promoting, or noticed, but not used yet
  • DEAL – A discount that I have actually used
  • TRAVEL HACK – A tip for maximising your travel (hotel, flight, dine)


Reviews – all expenditure is from my own pocket.

Promotions/advertising – unless specifically noted in the post, no payment is accepted for any posts on this site.

Occassionally (paid) advertisements may be posted but these will be obvious.

Sponsorship – (as yet) I am not sponspored by any company or brand, but if you would like to change this please feel free to contact me.

Validity of offers – I accept no responsibility for offers expiring or being ended. Please check with the specific venue, provider or company before committing to anything featured on this site. I will try (as practical) to note where promotions/travel hacks/discounts have ended.

Anonymity – when I visit or review, I do so anonymously and independently as a ‘normal’ customer. That is, I do not advise the venue before/during/after, so as to experience in an unbiased way.

Visit dates – To balance anonymity/accuracy against relevance, I will note the month only of any visits, and the date any article is posted may not be the actual date of visit.