Wearable technology clothing for awesome travel

Wearable technology clothing – one of the best travel hacks that you should know – as well as using our FREE Downloadable Ultimate Traveling Packing List of course 🙂

Whether you’re going tactical in Iraq, or just traipsing around ‘off the beaten track’, the right clothing will make your life easier.

People can spend a fortune on travel tickets, luggage, hotels but often overlook travel clothing.

By wearing practical travel clothing, not only can you benefit from comfortable, lightweight/warm gear but many other aspects:-

  • Save time ironing by using wrinkle-free/non-iron clothes
  • Top quality high-technology materials are often far lighter and thinner, thus saving more space (and reducing weight) for packing
  • Wearable technology clothing reduces a lot of the hassle we face when travelling (e.g. using the Travel Vest to whizz through security when flying)
  • Multiple pockets, innovational ideas and well-designed clothes all solve problems we didn’t even know we had
  • Moisture-wicking clothes keep us fresher for longer
  • Synthetics and other revolutionary textiles (e.g. Travel Vest’s stain-proof coating make laundry a breeze)

Bottom line – by spending wisely on your travel clothing, you save money in the long run for the rest of your holiday!


Wearable Technology clothing – Travel Vest

Most people would never think of wearing a travel vest, but trust me – it’s the first ‘travel hack’ I’d recommend to anyone.

The Travel Vest I recommend is the Scottevest RFID Travel Vest for Men Scottevest RFID Travel Vest for Men

26 pockets hold everything you can possibly fit – all in custom-sized and ingenious pockets. Two pockets for smartphones/ipods, earbud clips, water bottle holder, ipad sized pocket, rear ‘poachers pocket’ to fit laptop, books etc.

Never again lose anything – carry anything, and everything, with this superb vest.

Use Scottevest to keep all items to hand and to breeze past security. Rather than faffing about removing all your electronic items, wallet etc. at the Xray/scanners, just remove the vest and place in it’s own tray.

Watch for the envious glances from the security guards.

On board, hang the Scottevest from the chair hanger (most seats have them) and then in an emergency, just grab it and run rather than worrying about your case.

Wearable Technology clothing – wrinkle-free/non-iron formal shirt

If you’re anything like me, you want to wear a nice, formal shirt – for meetings, nights out etc. – but can’t be assed ironing. Or you iron a nice shirt, then a struggle to pack and keep it wrinkle-free.

The answer is to get with non-iron and wrinkle-free shirts such as the Ministry of Supply - Future Forward Dress Shirt

What’s so great about these shirts is never crease, never need ironing and always look terrific.

I’ve worn these shirts in humid and hot Dubai, and also cold and breezy Kiev, and never felt uncomfortable due to their breathability. In addition to being moisture-wicking, they also stretch 4 ways to fit perfectly.

Wearable Technology clothing – travel shirt

Wherever you are travelling, you need an all-round travel shirt. Comfortable enough to be wearing roughing it, on safari or even instead of a jacket.

The travel shirt I always take with me anywhere is the Scottevest TEC shirt Scottevest TEC Shirt

Fitted with plenty pockets – including a small change pocket for tips – to help keep things out of trousers pockets (phones, pens, wallets). Comfortable enough to wear on its own, or over a base layer in the evenings, this travel shirt gets even more comfortable the more you wear it – and they last forever!

Ideal shirt, or light over-shirt/jacket for cooler nights.

Comfortable, practical, loads of pockets (including concealed-carry and coins/change) make this an uber-practical must-have shirt for travel.

Wearable Technology clothing – base layer

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you should only consider a base layer in cold weather.

A classic undershirt will protect you from temperature changes, and keep cool and dry in humid and hot climates

Without a doubt, you must try the Ministry of Supply - Breathe Easy Tee

As an added bonus, they look just as cool as an outer layer as they do a base layer!

Wearable Technology clothing – boxer shorts

Guys – the only underwear you need are Scottevest Travel Boxers Scottevest Travel Boxers

Lightweight, breathable, odour resistant, moisture-wicking and will keep you fresh all day.

Ideal also for swimming, and include two ‘secret’ pockets for money, passports etc.

Save space in your packing by buying a few pairs of these – and they’re easily cleaned and quick-drying (especially in hotel sinks – apparently!)

Wearable Technology clothing – socks

When you’re looking for travel socks, don’t make the mistake of buying thin socks. Thicker socks – of the right materials – will still allow your feet to breathe whilst wicking moisture away, with the benefit of being more comfortable.

Look no further than the Ministry of Supply Smarter Travel Sock Ministry of Supply - Smarter Travel Sock

The Ministry of Supply Smarter Travel Sock looks after your feet four ways:-

  1. Odour control
  2. Dynamic Ventilation
  3. Moisture Wicking
  4. Supremely comfortable

I’ve worn these socks traipsing around the Emirates A380 Business Class bar, with thick boots in Yemen, and with business shoes in Dubai, and not once did they let me down.

Simply superb socks – without a doubt, the best socks I’ve ever worn. Keep your feet fresh – no odour – as well as comfortable, whilst socks stay in place (no wrinkly ankles!) no matter how far you walk/travel.

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