Travel Like a Rockstar – Ultimate Traveling Packing List

Here’s a great freebie for you – my Ultimate Traveling Packing List – free to download and share via the Evernote public link here.

Why is this an ultimate traveling packing list?

Ultimate Traveling Packing List

Ultimate Traveling Packing List

I’ve honed this list over many years of travel, using many different systems – databases, apps, spreadsheets, Moleskines etc.

Nothing beats the checklist, and Evernote works fine off any mobile. This ultimate traveling packing list is suitable for business trips, weekends away, Everyday Carry (EDC) to the longest trips.

As well as listing every item I could possibly need for travel, I’ve also included my current personal choices and links for further information. I’ve also added any notes, ideas, reviews, or references as to why I’d recommend specific kit.

How to use the ultimate traveling packing list

Ideally, save the public note to your Evernote by clicking the ‘Save to Evernote’ box in the top right corner.

Note: You don’t need Evernote to view the list, and you can print the list from there. However, to get the best functionality, use Evernote and then you can edit the list to suit your own circumstances. You can get a FREE month of Evernote Premium by using this link Evernote: 1 month Premium FREE

If you’re not using Evernote, just print the list off and check the items you pack as you pack. On returning, review the list again and find all the items checked to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.

The public link will always take you to the latest version, but if you’d like to edit your own version make sure you COPY the note into your own version within Evernote BEFORE editing.

More information on what’s on my ultimate traveling packing list

Over the years and miles that I’ve travelled, I’ve picked up some great travel tips, travel hacks, gadgets and ‘cool shit’.

Where I’m particularly pleased about some of my swag, or just want to share a review or a recommendation of something, I’ve created kit lists on for your perusal.

  1. Travel like a Rockstar
  2. Practical clothing for travel
  3. Cool clothing for colder climates
  4. (I’ve got the) Power
  5. Contraband box
  6. Pack like a Ninja
  7. Photography Kit
  8. Favourite Books: travel, lifestyle design, fun, self-help, business,  management

Go there, take a look around, see what I’ve got to say, and I’ve also included links (where appropriate) for you to buy – if you feel suitably inspired 🙂