The Entertainer Dubai – the insider secret all visitors should know

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The Entertainer Dubai is Dubai’s best kept secret, and is the first thing any tourist should know about before visiting Dubai as it can save 1000s of dirhams (they estimate the total value to be 700,000 AED)

** note: This article has been updated for The Entertainer Dubai 2017. Reviews of The Entertainer Dubai 2018 will be published early Nov 17

The Entertainer Dubai 2017 – what’s included?

The Entertainer Dubai 2017

The Entertainer Dubai 2017

The Entertainer Dubai is a discount voucher book/app of over 2,800 Buy One Get One Free discounts such as :-

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The Entertainer Dubai – Products in Dubai for 2017

The Entertainer series of books/apps are available across the world – including Cape Town, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Singapore – but are particular strong in Dubai, with additional purchases covering :-

  • The Entertainer Dubai 2017 (including The Entertainer Travel 2017)
  • The Entertainer Dubai Body 2017
  • The Entertainer Cheers Dubai 2017

n.b. the links above are for the app version, as they are 50 AED cheaper than the books

The Entertainer Dubai – how does it work?

The Entertainer Dubai 2017 is available in two versions, a voucher book and an app, depending which is more convenient for you.

The app is 50 AED cheaper, and is preferable to carrying two thick books around, plus there is an added benefit as it used location-based services (when enabled on your phone) to find offers closest to you.

Top tip – Free WiFi is available almost everywhere in Dubai, so save your money and use Wifi (not your roaming data plan!)

So, say you were at The Walk and Jumeirah Beach Residence and you fancied something to eat. You would simply open the app in your phone, search either venues near you by name or location, and the offers would be listed.

Generally for restaurants the deal would be One Main Meal item free when one is purchased, when two people are dining.

Unfortunately – and I’ve tried it – the Entertainer offers can only be redeemed for two people or more.

For example, the Butcher Shop Grill offer a fantastic seafood buffet so one person would buy the more expensive item whilst the second person could pick any Main Meal item (I recommend the meat mixed grill) and it would be free.

Redeeming the offers is easy, either hand over the voucher (from the book) or show the waiter your app. He will ask you to redeem, you click the icon in the app, enter your pin code and it will generate a code he will take note of.

That’s it – you’ve just saved over 200 AED, and had an amazing meal also!

The Entertainer Dubai 2017 – will save you a fortune, especially on hotels

One tremendous benefit of The Entertainer Dubai that’s often overlooked is the worldwide hotels and Travel section.

This essentially offers 20% discount off Best Available Rate, or One Night Free with one purchased night. Particularly strong in Dubai, hotels such as JW Marriott Marquis Dubai and Steigenberger Business Bay offer terrific value due to The Entertainer Dubai.

For more information of this amazing deal please check the detailed article here.

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