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Hi, Shaun here, and thanks  for checking out my Support Me page.

Hopefully you’re here because I’ve helped you somewhere or somehow to travel better, e.g. Trip Advisor, Quora , Eat Drink Stay Dubai , Rockstar Travel Tips

Whilst I do what I do freely and to help, and payment is in no way expected – it certainly helps to cover time, research, expenses, work, bills, meals etc.

If I have helped you, or if you just feel like being charitable, may I be so bold as to kindly ask you to ‘pay it forward’ by helping me in one (or more) of the following ways?

Thanks in advance 👏

PS. These are in no particular order. Even doing one would be sincerely appreciated, but feel free to do as many as you wish!

1. Buy me a coffee (or better still, a pie 🥧) 

Cash is king, so please feel free to donate using Buy Me a Coffee

You can make a one-off donation (‘Support’) or become a Member (or both!)

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2. Help out Dubai locals struggling due to COVID by Gifting-a-Meal

The lovely folk at Frying Pan Adventures have set up a community support project called Gift-A-Meal.

This helps twofold as it supports local restaurants to provide meals to struggling folk such as workers who lost their jobs.

100% of any gifted amount – and you decide how much to pay – goes directly to people that need your help.

No commissions, no cuts, no fees – nothing – just good old fashioned help.

Click Here 👉 Gift-a-Meal

3. Become a patron on Patreon

If you love Dubai, or better still Eat Drink Stay Dubai, why not become a patron on Patreon?

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There are different levels from just a couple of dollars, and it really helps to support the site as well as new projects.

Insider Tip: I can let you into a secret – ALL Patrons will get advanced, Patron-only content and there’s something big coming in the near future for EDSD.

4. Buy through my affiliate programs or media partners

Note – NONE of these links will cost you any more than if buying direct, but I may receive some commission.

For more details please see my Affiliate Policy and Disclosure Policy.

You can be assured that I only recommend and promote products that I’m a paying customer of myself. - Empowering the Frequent Flyer

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