Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge – JLT’s Indian delight

Jumeriah Lakes Towers (JLT) is fast becoming a foodie’s dream, with Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge joining other new eateries in the neighbourhood such as Couqley, The Smokin’ 9 and Pineapple Express.

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge: Introduction

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge is a recent addition to the JLT dining scene, and has quickly built a loyal and regular customer base.

Almost hidden away at Lake Level at Cluster A, adjacent to Couqley and Movenpick Hotel JLT, on entering a quick indicator of buzz is almost every table is reserved.

Spice & Ice consists of 3 main areas – a tasteful lounge area, a beautifully sleek restaurant and an open-plan bar.

The menu is Indian cuisine, but with a high-end gastronomic twist – apparently the Head Chef is ex-Oberoi.

Although they hold nightly theme nights, I’d decided to visit on Monday – which is their half price night. Friends of mine rate the ladies night very highly – perhaps because of the free-flowing Prosecco? – and it certainly seems to balance the right side of buzzing with terrific food and attentive wonderful service.

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge sign

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge sign


What did I eat?

As you can see from the menu, there is a mix of traditional dishes with some modern twists, and some new dishes (to me, anyway!)

Starting with the bad news. No poppadums. I started with the Samosas, and they were excellent – tasty, crispy and with lovely

I know we’re supposed to be going posh, but it’s the first time ever I’ve not been able to eat in an Indian restaurant and not have poppadums (and chutneys).

So I started with the lamb samosas, and they were excellent – tasty, crispy and with lovely chutneys/sides.

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge meal samosas

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge meal samosas


My main course was Laal Maas, and it was simply amazing. I’m not a big fan of curries where the meat is still on the bone (yes, I know it makes it taste better, but I’m lazy and fussy). The waiter said it was no problem to offer only lamb meat, and the dish served was perfect in every way.

Presentation was stunning – the curry being served in a mason jar – and it was so luscious that I couldn’t resist diving in to eat before taking the photographs! Side dishes of Chilli Garlic Nan and Saffron Rice were equally nice.

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge meal Laal Maas

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge meal Laal Maas

Although I was too stuffed for dessert, it didn’t stop them coming around with the Liquid Nitrogen for a few ‘Dragon Puffs’, which were a nice frozen fruity treat 🙂

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge molecular dessert

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge molecular dessert

What was good?

  • A fantastic-looking venue, that is far more than just a restaurant. The lounge and bar were equally busy and provides a great place to chill out in JLT.
  • Service was exceptional, friendly, informative and attentive.
  • A truly original menu of amazing food – on a par with Dubai’s ‘celebrity Indians’ normally found in 5-star hotels

Since this visit, I’ve been back twice and both times I’ve been greeted personally and recognised, as the staff here – especially the Kenyans (Asante Sane!) – are all wonderfully friendly.

What was not so good?

  • Sorry to be a spoiled child, but a visit to an Indian restaurant is never complete without poppadums.

What did it cost?

Everything on the menu (not just a few cheaper items) is half-price on a Monday, so check this out for value.

  • Lamb Samosas – 17
  • Laal Maas – 39
  • Chilly Garlic Naan – 8
  • Saffron Rice – 8
  • 2 x Kingfisher – 38

Total = 110 AED

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge: One sentence summary

If you’re not already known at this superb JLT Indian restaurant and lounge, get down quickly as it’s already almost standing room only!

Spice & Ice Restaurant and Lounge: Details

  • Date Visited: August 2016
  • Open: 1600 – 0100
  • Address: Lake Level, Cluster A, JLT – walk down steps to right/South side of Movenpick JLT
  • Nearest Metro: JLT 9mins walk (700m)
  • Happy Hour: 1600-1900 daily
  • Themes : *Check with venue for latest – ranging from Monday (Half Price night), Tuesday (Ladies), Friday (Brunch/Bollywood) etc.

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