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Ramadan Dubai: 3 reasons why you need Foodiva’s Daytime Dining Guide

Ramadan Dubai Foodiva Daytime Dining Guide

Ramadan Dubai: 3 reasons why you need Foodiva’s Daytime Dining Guide


If you’re looking for Ramadan Dubai restaurants that will be open during the day, you need Foodiva’s guide in your life.

This excellent guide lists all the Dubai dining (and bar) venues offering daytime opening during Ramadan 2018.

As if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s 3 reasons why you need Foodiva’s Dubai Restaurants Daytime Opening Guide.

Ramadan Dubai Foodiva Daytime Dining Guide

Ramadan Dubai Foodiva Daytime Dining Guide

Authority – the best guide for Ramadan Dubai

Samantha Wood, aka Foodiva, is (in my opinion) the single most authoritative source on F&B in Dubai.

As I said on Twitter, ” This is why @FooDivaWorld is a oasis of #Dubaifoodie knowledge in a desert of obfuscation. 🌴🌵👌🙏🏜”

Don’t be seduced by faux-fake filters of self-annointed ‘Influencers‘ and their dubious ‘reviews‘. “Just the facts, Dano” – and you can certainly trust Foodiva’s.

Live and Updated throughout Ramadan for Dubai

Dubai sometimes has more spurious information than a Donald Trump press conference. Venues often change their minds on a whim, so it’s vital any guide is kept live and updated accordingly.

Foodiva’s team will be actively checking and updating their Ramadan Dubai dining daytime opening guide throughout the holy month. As venues may open when they say they didn’t, or vice versa, the Foodiva folks will keep you totally up-to-date.

Daytime Drinking during Ramadan Dubai

Why is Dubai the perfect example of multiculturalism? Because it manages to balance cultural and religious sensitivities with commercialism.

In recent years – no doubt due to a shrinking economy and increased competition in F&B and tourism – there’s been a steady growth in bars serving alcoholic drinks during Ramadan daytimes.

Foodiva’s guide indicates which of the dining venues will be offering libations for the thirsty expats or tourists.

Conclusion: Bookmark Foodiva’s Ramadan Dubai daytime dining guide today

If you haven’t already, bookmark this link http://www.foodiva.net/2018/05/dubai-restaurants-open-for-daytime-dining-over-ramadan-2018/

That’s all. Oh one last thing, when you get to Foodiva’s excellent website, have a look around and you’ll find an abundance of authentic Dubai and Abu Dhabi food reviews. Tell them Eat Drink Stay Dubai sent you, and I may even get a chocolate Hobnob as a treat.


What’s your experience of daytime dining or drinking in Dubai? Do you have any favourite venues? Has Foodiva’s guide helped you find any hidden gems? 

We’d love for you to join the conversation in the comments below …

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