Movenpick JLT Nosh Brunch – a fine freebie, cheers UBK

Full Disclosure: This Movenpick JLT Nosh Brunch Review was ‘paid’ for using a voucher won as First Prize in the UBK Pub Quiz 🙂

Movenpick JLT Nosh brunch: Introduction

  • Name: Nosh Brunch
  • Location:  Movenpick JLT, Cluster A
  • Visited: August 2016
  • Cost: FREE – voucher allowed 8 people at brunch with 3 drinks* each (voucher worth 2,400 AED)
  • Style: Buffet style, self service
Movenpick JLT Nosh Brunch_Desserts 1

Movenpick JLT Nosh Brunch_Desserts 1


Movenpick JLT brunch: What I ate

We were seated quickly and attentively on a table for eight, in what is a lovely bright sunny restaurant and lots of space. Nosh seems a nice restaurant for groups to talk, as there seemed to be quite large groups spread out and about the venue, but no overbearing music or entertainers (for a change!).

One note about the layout – it felt like they put the people who looked like could get lively well away from the food. The buffet stations seemed to be spread along the central corridor whilst our tables – and a few other groups – seemed to be placed at the far end away?

Although there are private dining spaces in the restaurant, it’s open plan enough to have plenty of space between groups so it never really felt intrusive.

After the customary ‘explore everywhere’ reconnaissance, I noticed the Taco Counter firing into life – and who doesn’t love a Taco, right? The meat tacos were surprisingly tasty, with crisp shells and a nice spicy salsa.

Salads and antipasto were particularly well represented – including some very nice ‘specials’ of curried egg mayonnaise with chicken and panacotta with horseradish.

The seafood section was quite busy – with prawns, oysters etc. being almost as popular as fish such as Sea Bass. Once you have ordered your fish choices, they cook it how you choose and then bring it to the table – although the servings are a little small (maybe there’s a quota system, like the EU?)

Pride of place for me was the roast section – with a nice BBQ Beef Brisket and also Roast Turkey, along with Yorkshire puddings and a variety of mustards.

I was mindful of leaving space for the ‘free drinks’ so I left the desserts and the Asian section, although the Ice Cream desserts looked pretty inviting.

Movenpick JLT brunch: What others ate

My brunch friends seemed to enjoy most of what they ate, with a few commenting – as seems common in Dubai – about a few items being over-salted.

Movenpick JLT Nosh Brunch: Drinks

As we were on the complimentary 3 drinks package, I asked what was considered 1 drink – a single short, double etc.? The waiter advised one glass of hops, wine or spirits was considered one drink, so of I ordered a triple whisky as my first drink 🙂

None of us really tried any cocktails or that ‘fancy stuff’ so it was hops and spirits for the whole brunch.

Movenpick JLT Nosh Brunch: The Good

  • The choice of food was international – ranging from British Roasts, a nice collection of seafood, Asian, Mexican and European.
  • Most of us seemed to enjoy what we ate, although there was a feeling of it being ‘pretty good’ all-round rather than one aspect standing out.
  • Although I’m not sure it’s official, allowing 3 shots of whisky to be served as one was a “great success”, as Borat may say.

Movenpick JLT Nosh Brunch: The Not So Good/Niggles

  • Drinks service started well – prompt, friendly and well-remembered orders – but soon descended into Dubai randomness. Several times we had to go to find a waiter, and then he committed the cardinal sin – he went AWOL before taking the last drinks order. I’ve never seen a bunch of Brits look as down-hearted since #BREXIT.
  • As if losing our last round of drinks wasn’t enough, the manager who then spoke with us was extremely dismissive and unfortunately left us a little dismayed at his nonchalance and tone. He seemed to miss the fact it had taken twenty minutes for him to find time to speak with us, and to then say “no time left” seemed a little cheeky.

Movenpick JLT Brunch: Conclusion

All in all, one can’t – and shouldn’t complain – about a free brunch, but losing the last round of drinks changes all perceptions of what was until then a perfectly acceptable all-round brunch.

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