Entertainer Promo Code EDSD24 – 10% discount off Entertainer for 2024

Thanks to those delightful folk at Entertainer Dubai, we’re delighted to offer an exclusive Entertainer Promo Code. Discount Code EDSD24 is valid for a 10% discount from now until the end of October 2024.

We’re massive fans of The Entertainer.

Please note – The Entertainer is app-only these days, there is no Entertainer Book.

What discount does my Entertainer Discount Code give me?

The Entertainer discount code EDSD24 will work from February 2024 to 31st October 2024.

RAMADAN UPDATE: Please note, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the promo code EDSD24 will not work with Entertainer GCC 2024 will but EDSD24 will work with Entertainer Dubai 2024 (along with all the other Entertainer products, including Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Oman, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait).

So, if you’re looking to obtain a discount on Entertainer Dubai 2024, buy it during Ramadan to ensure the promo code EDSD24 will work for a 10% discount.


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Which Entertainer products can I use my Entertainer Promo Code with?

The Entertainer product range for 2024 is:-

  1. Entertainer GCC 2024 (promo code EDSD24 will not work during Ramadan)
  2. Entertainer Dubai 2024 (promo code EDSD24 will work during Ramadan)
  3. Entertainer Abu Dhabi 2024
  4. Entertainer Bahrain 2024
  5. Entertainer Kuwait 2024
  6. Entertainer Qatar 2024
  7. Entertainer Oman 2024
  8. Entertainer KSA 2024 (Saudi Arabia)
  9. Entertainer Singapore 2024*

Items 2-8 are also included with Entertainer GCC 2024.

All products in bold type are eligible for the 10% discount by using Entertainer Promo Code EDSD24.

This is the link for Entertainer Dubai 2024

Which Entertainer 2024 product should I choose though?

Each location has its own standalone, entry-level product e.g. Entertainer Dubai 2024 provides 7,000 Buy One Get One Free offers across Dubai and Northern Emirates.

Entertainer GCC 2024 is a bit more expensive, but provides “over 20,000 Buy One Get One Free offers across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, KSA, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait​”.

This year, Entertainer Dubai 2024 contains Fine Dining offers also – which means more brunches and top-end dining merchants to redeem at.

However, the Entertainer Promo Code is not eligible to use for Entertainer GCC during Ramadan.

So, for Dubai, you can buy:-

  • Entertainer Dubai 2024 for the discounted price of 595.00 AED by using the Entertainer Coupon Code EDSD24.
  • Entertainer GCC 2024 for the discounted price of 715.50 AED

Of course, Entertainer Dubai 2024 could be ‘good enough’ if you’re happy with the offers within it.

However, by purchasing Entertainer GCC 2024 you open up far more offers, as it includes Abu Dhabi along with other GCC countries. For a cost of just under £26 or 120.50 AED, that could provide far more value.

Another way to look at it is, as I’m an Affiliate Partner of Entertainer Dubai, I receive a commission when the Entertainer Promo Code is used – at no further cost to you – you will be supporting my content and this site. If you purchase Dubai 2024 without using the Entertainer Discount Code, you will pay full price and I won’t receive any commission.

Of course, it’s your choice and I provide this content for your help and benefit primarily.

*Please check Disclosure Policy here for more information.

How do I redeem my Entertainer Discount Code?

  1. Navigate to The Entertainer Global www.theentertainerme.com
  2. Note – if the website does not detect your location, you may need to select from the list at https://www.theentertainerme.com/location
  3. Ensure the “choose your location” is set correctly, ie “Dubai & N. Emirates” for Dubai
  4. From the Products tab on the menu bar, select which item you’d like to purchase then press “Buy Now
  5. You may need to sign in with email if you’re an existing member, or set up a new account if you’re not.
  6. On the checkout/shopping cart page, look for the “Redeem Promo Code” section to the left of the price.
  7. Enter EDSD24 into the blank box and press enter
  8. Your 10% code will be applied to any goods in the shopping basket.
  9. If in any doubt, click on the screenshots below.
A note on auto-renewal

On the Checkout page, there is a selection box to enable ‘auto renewal’. This means that your card will be automatically renewed at end of 2024, when the 2025 product is launched, should you select this option. It mentions there will be a “10% discount on the website price”.

Of course this is your decision, but my advice would be to NOT select this at this time. Subscriptions often don’t offer the best deals for auto-renewals, and it’s arguably better to see how things are at the time regarding deals, discounts, codes or whatever rather than committing months in advance. For instance, is that suggested price the ‘Early Bird’ pricing or full RRP?

Your call, of course.

Entertainer Promo Code EDSD24 ss choose your location

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