Emirates Premium Economy: Coming soon?

It looks like Emirates Premium Economy could soon be on the cards, given the recent news that Emirates President Tim Clark recently stated: “There’s clear and present evidence that this is something [premium economy] we too should take seriously.”


Emirates Premium Economy could replace First Class seats like these


What is Premium Economy?

Premium Economy is a class of airline travel between Economy (coach) and Business, and has proven popular with carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Cathay Pacific.

Although each airline’s Premium Economy offering is different, most offer a cost-effective alternative to Business Class with enhanced options such as :-

  • legroom
  • seats,
  • meals
  • drinks
  • dedicated cabins,
  • premium check-in facilities
  • baggage allowances
  • lounge access (very rare, mind!)

Here is a good comparison of present airlines that offer Premium Economy, and what the extra cost offers Premium Economy compared

Will Emirates bring in Premium Economy?

Given Emirates are making noises about even looking into Premium Economy suggests it is likely to happen sometime.

Whilst Emirates First Class is perhaps one of the best in the skies, occupancy rates are dwindling (apart from redemption or award flights) and bringing in Premium Economy seems to have a strong business case.

Whilst Emirates Economy is an exceptional product in itself – especially on the A380s – Emirates are already looking at A380s with two sections of Economy (one instead of First Class).

Other airlines (e.g. Etihad Airways) are already offering two-class service (Business and Economy) so Premium Economy would bring a good niche for Emirates, especially in time for Expo 2020.

Given the retraction of the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, along with companies looking to reduce travel costs, Premium Economy becomes an attractive option for frequent travellers so I’m confident Emirates will not miss the opportunity.

Have you travelled Premium Economy, and how was it? Do you think Emirates will bring in Premium Economy?


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