Get your Dubai Travel Advice here!

Okay, so you need bespoke, personal Dubai Travel Advice for your specific needs? No problem, we’re here to help.


We offer 3 packages, a Quick Question, an In-Depth Response & Consultation.


If you don’t know which you need, feel free to either read more below or just ask us in the Chatbot (bottom right of the page) for help!

Quick Question

This is where I can answer your question quickly – usually either a few minutes or less than 500 words.

It’s ideal for either:-

  • elaborating on content already on the site
  • a more personalised response

However, please be aware it’s literally a one-shot deal – one question, one answer. It’s not intended to be a back and forth chat (which is why it’s so cheap!).

Further questions/answers will be charged accordingly.


In-Depth Response

This is ideal for when you need either:-

  • a detailed response
  • or to explain your needs in greater detail

What you can expect is a personalised, fresh response from me with extensive detail TAILORED to your needs.

I will normally need to ask you to undertake a ‘Needs Analysis’ with me, either by email, form or chat so that I know EXACTLY what you’re needing advice on or help with.

As this is more detailed and nuanced than a Quick Question, it’s a little more expensive but more valuable to you. However, it’s still intended as a ‘one-shot’ deal, namely, you explain your needs, then I respond with a single reply.

If further information is needed after my reply, it will either need either a repeat purchase of In-Depth Response or new purchase of a Consultation (I will advise which).


A Consultation is a hire which involves ongoing consulting on a specific topic or a service. For one fixed price, this will likely involve repeated back & forth communication towards a specific outcome.

A typical example would be hotel consulting, where after a Needs Analysis we will agree on a ‘deliverable’ – such as finding the best deal for a particular hotel/dates across a range of sales channels, strategies, travel hacks etc.

Generally, if you need can be answered with one response it will likely be an In-Depth Response, whereas if it’s ongoing or likely to need your review & potentially repeat work from me, it will be a Consultation.

Please be aware – no work will be undertaken, and you will not be charged, unless we first agree on a Deliverable. As a Consultation involves more work, at a higher rate, a pro-bono/free Needs Analysis is first undertaken informally at no cost to you.