Dubai Top Tips

By Eat Drink Stay Dubai / January 17, 2016
Eat Drink Stay Dubai - Dubai Marina night

Dubai Top Tips

Know that despite it’s reputation, Dubai can also be a cost-effective city to visit. There is so much competition for your money, if you research, plan and act carefully you can stretch your money quite far.

Dubai Top Tips #1

Use the Entertainer – book hotels using the second night free or 20% promo the Travel book offers. Check the Monthly Offers on the website for the two for one offers on meals, brunches, excursions etc. Check the ‘body/spa’, ‘fine dining’ or main blue book so that you get two for one, in fact plan your whole vacation around it 🙂

Dubai Top Tips #2

Research general advice to visitors to maintain respect and not get prevented access to anywhere or cause a diplomatic incident. It happens – all too regularly – because people that should know better either don’t, or don’t want to.

Government of Dubai – Getting Familiar With Dubai’s Culture and EtiquetteUAE Embassy – Travelling in a Muslim CountryUAE Interact – Travellers Tips

Dubai Top Tips # 3

Despite what everybody thinks, you still need to check the weather as it can have a dramatic effect on your visit if it’s too hot, too sandy, overcast (yes, it does rain, even if only a couple of freaky days a year)

Dubai Weather – AccuweatherDubai Weather –

Dubai Top Tips # 4

Buy a copy of Time Out Dubai in the airport arrival duty free, and research all the listings – who’s in town, what shows are on, what deals are on. Every week there is something spectacularly happening, also check out :-

Dubai Top Tips # 5

Do a brunch, a Dubai institution – all you can eat/drink etc. – usually on Friday, but Saturday, and most evenings. Lots of value yet extravagance, and to suit every taste and budget.

Mr & Mrs Brunch

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