Dubai Marina Yacht Club Breakfast – Dubai’s best proper Full English?

Edit: Sadly, since writing this article, Emaar have closed down DMYC to construct a new property in its place. This article will remain in place as a tribute, but try Brasserie 2.0 at Le Royal Meridien Reform Bar and Grill at the Lakes for a great ‘proper’ breakfasts.

The Dubai Marina Yacht Club Breakfast is as much a Dubai institution for visitors and expats alike as brunch is.

Here’s the lowdown on one of the best ‘proper’ ‘Full English’ breakfasts you’re likely to find in Dubai.

Dubai Marina Yacht Club Breakfast: Introduction

Situated on the lower/Marina level of Dubai Marina Yacht Club, 25° 55° Bistro is an all day dining cafe/restaurant. The Yacht Club also houses YOTS sports bar and Aquara restaurant at Level One. Although 25° 55° is open all day – and the Fish and Chips are fantastic – this review will only focus on their breakfast.

Ever since my first visit to Dubai in 2010, because it’s a ‘proper’ Full English, the Dubai Marina Yacht Club breakfast has always been popular. Weekend mornings are especially busy, with expats recovering and refreshing themselves in the varied menu of 25° 55°.

There are seats inside and outside, with stunning views over the Marina – where one can sit and dream of the yachts, or just marvel at the cityscape.

As Marina Walk passes underneath the Yacht Club canopy, it’s also a great place for ‘people watching’ whilst taking in some delicious food.

Whilst it’s less busy during the week, there’s often yacht brokers hanging around inside chatting about their ‘next big deal’ like they’re Philip Green.


Dubai Marina Yacht Club Breakfast Full English 1

Dubai Marina Yacht Club Breakfast Full English 1


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What did I eat?

I went for the Marina Breakfast, which is:-

  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Baked Beans
  • Hash Brown
  • Black Pudding
  • Pork or Turkey Bacon
  • Pork or Chicken Sausage
  • choice of Eggs

The breakfast is served in a cast-iron skillet, or a plate, and a side serving of toast.

In addition to the Marina Breakfast, I can also highly recommend the omelettes and the Salmon Royale 🙂

What was good?

  • Really tasty breakfast of top-quality ingredients, including the best sausages I’ve eaten in Dubai.
  • Wonderful and friendly service – go back more than once and they recognise and welcome you 🙂
  • Relaxing ambiance with delightful views over the Marina. A great place to dream of world domination and select which yacht you’d buy.

What was not so good?

  • Honestly, in years of visits (at least over 50+ at a conservative guess), I’ve never had an issue with anything here.
  • Sadly, Emaar have announced plans to close the Yacht Club in January 2017 to build over as a new hotel and resort. So, better get here quickly to make the most of this amazing breakfast.

What did it cost?

  • Bottle of Diet Pepsi = 15
  • Marina Breakfast = 90

Total = 105 AED

Dubai Marina Yacht Club Breakfast: One sentence summary

To take inspiration from a Brian Clough quote, I’m not saying it was the best ‘proper’ ‘Full English’ in Dubai, but it was in the top one 🙂

Dubai Marina Yacht Club Breakfast: Details

  • Date Visited: August 2016
  • Open: Breakfast 0700-1200,
  • Address: Al Hubob Street, Dubai Marina
  • Nearest Metro: JLT 9mins walk (800m)

Disclosure: All of our reviews are visited anonymously, and we pay for all charges ourselves.We feel no freebies, no bias, no PR or marketing involvement makes for a better objective and fairer review for you.

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