Brunch Budget Beds – can you find a Business Hotel in Dubai for less than the cost of brunch?

*Edit: Brunch Budget Beds articles are now LIVE, and can be read here

Brunch Budget Beds…. In Dubai?

Dubai is often accused of having expensive hotels, but that’s actually not always the case.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to set a challenge called Brunch Budget Beds.

What is Brunch Budget Beds?

Simple – we want to prove that there are great hotels in Dubai available cheaper than the cost of a brunch!

So, Brunch Budget Beds is a series of articles where we are looking to find the best Brunch Budget Hotels available in Dubai.


Brunch Budget Beds

Brunch Budget Beds – Dubai Business hotels for less than the cost of a brunch


Brunch Budget Beds – the rules


As with any challenge, there needs to be some clear rules:-

  1. Our Brunch Budget is 500 AED, which is what we would expect to pay for a top-class Friday brunch with house drinks.
  2. Aiming for for Business standard hotels, i.e. ones good enough for Business guests as well as tourists. Meeting rooms should be available, along with hotel loyalty programs, internet etc.
  3. Target rate for room cost is exclusive of taxes, fees and Tourism Dirham.
  4. Booking methods should be freely available within the UAE (i.e. no VPNs needed, no foreign currency booking hacks etc.).
  5. All hotel visits are anonymous (i.e. no promotional rates, PR or marketing freebies) and paid for by ourselves.

So over the coming weeks, we will start publishing hotel reviews during our #BrunchBudgetBeds challenge to show you the very best Dubai business hotels at budget prices!

Have you found a great Business hotel in Dubai for less than the cost of a brunch? Please let us know using the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!