Brothaus Bakery Bistro – delightful tasty German food

Brothaus Bakery Bistro is “Dubai’s new German bakery”, located in Steigenberger Hotel Dubai, Business Bay.

‘Brothaus’ translates from German as ‘bread house’, however there is so much more than tasty, traditional German breads here.

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_collage

Brothaus Bakery Bistro

Brothaus Bakery Bistro: Introduction

During a stay at Steigenberger Hotel Dubai as part of our Brunch Budget Beds series of articles, I had the pleasure of dining here a few times.

In honesty, the food was that ‘wunderbar’ I ate every meal here rather than in the main hotel restaurants.

Situated on the ground floor, with a nice outdoor terrace, lots of natural light make Brothaus Bakery Bistro extremely bright and welcoming.

Seating is of the typical German bench seating and long table style (similar to a Bier Keller). Whilst there are small tables and chairs, it’s much more fun – especially on the Schnitzel Nights – to try the communal seats.

On entering, you can’t miss the delectable aroma of freshly-baked traditional German breads (yes – pretzels included!).

The menu is surprisingly extensive  – even for breakfast – so have a closer look at the gallery below to be tempted 🙂

There’s also a wide range of coffees, teas, juices, ‘proper’ German beer – including brands not normally seen in Dubai – as well as many inviting cakes and desserts.


What did I eat?


Firstly, I had a light lunch (soup and roll) which was amazing.

Tasty, thick Farmhouse vegetable soup with three (a Pretzel type , a wholegrain and a Brioche style) warm, rolls. In addition, a bread tray was also offered to sample even more different types of bread.

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_food soup

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_soup

Schnitzel Tuesdays

Whilst I was staying at the hotel, the receptionist mentioned that Tuesday evenings were popular due to Schnitzel Tuesday deals in Brothaus Bakery Bistro.

Of course, I needed to investigate – and I’m glad I did. From 6pm till 11pm, you can buy either:-

  • 1 Schnitzel + 2 malted beverages for 111 AED
  • 1 Burger + 2 malted beverages for 99 AED

Now, there is a MIGHTY bargain to be had here. The two beverages are from a range of specially-imported German beers, most of which are not common in Dubai. So, you can select two of the more expensive brands – which normally retail around 45-50 AED – and effectively get your food as a side-dish free 🙂

The only negative is the beer was that good, and the atmosphere so warm and convivial, I forgot to take a photograph of the meal…


Scrambled Farm eggs, grilled green asparagus and salmon caviar butterbrot (butter bread) – just amazing!

A real tasty, terrific bargain for only 45 AED.


Brothaus Bakery Bistro_food breakfast

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_food breakfast

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_food pretzel

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_food pretzel

Lunch – Currywurst with fries

One dish I always try when in Germany is currywurst and French Fries, or ‘currywurst mit pommes frites’. This baby is really worth trying – two large wursts, delicately spiced and with that ‘special’ curry/tomato sauce alongside. Ideal to wash down a Warsteiner or two with.

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_food currywurst

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_food currywurst

What was good?

  • Tasty, traditional German food
  • Exceptional range of grown-up German drinks
  • Low prices for great quality fare
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, especially on Schnitzel Night
  • A nice touch on entering – there’s a ‘honesty box’ table with some snacks, for those in a rush to help themselves and pay what they think is fair.

What was not so good?

As with several properties in Business Bay, the outdoor approach to Brothaus Bakery Bistro is unfinished, sandy and somewhat cluttered. Unless you wish to purposely feel like Wilfred Thesiger crossing the Empty Quarter, it’s better to use the main hotel entrance and lobby.

Brothaus Bakery Bistro – One sentence summary

If you have a taste for German cuisine and traditional bread, or just excellent beer, you’ll not go wrong at Brothaus Bakery Bistro.

Brothaus Bakery Bistro –  Details

  • Date(s) visited: 30 Aug – 01 Sep 2016
  • Open: 0730 – 2300 (Sat-Wed), 0730-2359 (Thu-Fri)
  • Nearest Metro: Business Bay (22 mins/1.6km)
  • Cuisines: Traditional German
  • Recommended: Currywurst, traditional German fresh-baked Pretzels or Laugen-Cheese bread and the Schnitzel Happy Hours.

Disclosure: All of our reviews are visited anonymously, and we pay for all charges ourselves.

We feel no freebies, no bias, no PR or marketing involvement makes for a fairer, objective and better review for you.

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_folio

Brothaus Bakery Bistro_folio