Why you should book hotels with Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a great option for booking hotels in Dubai (and most major worldwide cities) at terrific prices.

“Great hotels. Amazing last-minute deals. Book wherever, whenever on your mobile device for tonight, tomorrow and next week.”

Hotel Tonight is a smartphone app to book hotels, often at massively discounted prices not available elsewhere, for the next seven days.

Where Hotel Tonight excels is by offering a small number (usually 5 or 6) hotels that are ‘secretly’ available for short-notice bookings – up to next 7 days.

From experience, I’ve often found Dubai hotels – including some Brunch Budget Beds – on Hotel Tonight for up to a third lower than other hotel booking sites.

How to hack Hotel Tonight for the best deals

Hotel Tonight Geo Rate - additional £43 discount off Media One hotel Dubai

Hotel Tonight Geo Rate – additional £43 discount off Media One hotel Dubai

Enable Location Services

Ensure your location services are enabled on your smartphone when searching. The app often offers ‘Geo Rate’ offers for further discounts on promoted nearby hotels. Whilst you can search remotely – e.g. Dubai hotels whilst you are located in the UK, you won’t get the Geo Rate offers, which are often up to 30% further discounted.

Search by area/landmark/district as well as city

When searching for a city or area, try different combinations of keywords – e.g. neighbourhoods, landmarks and districts etc. – as different hotels may appear. For example, in Dubai ‘Downtown Dubai’, ‘JLT’, or ‘Dubai Marina’ will bring up different hotels than a search just for ‘Dubai’.

Hotel Tonight Dubai areas - different names

Hotel Tonight Dubai areas – different names

Understand the hotel categories

Hotel Tonight generally describes it’s hotels with terms like ‘budget’, ‘solid’, ’boutique’, ‘hip’, ‘luxe’ or ‘high roller’ and a percentage. If you need to check any details about the hotel, such as reviews, it’s advisable to check with Trip Advisor rather than a hotel’s or booking system’s own site.

Hotel Tonight Media One hotel Dubai Facilities

Hotel Tonight Media One hotel Dubai Facilities


Hotel Tonight Description of Media One hotel Dubai

Hotel Tonight Description of Media One hotel Dubai

TOP TIP: Research

I’ve found with Hotel Tonight that the prices don’t seem to vary much on a day-to-day basis.

As always, it’s best to research a little before you actually need a hotel to know what price bracket Hotel Tonight is offering.

The Geo Rate seems a little random and hard to predict – but it’s well worth trying to get that price as it’s usually 10-20% further off the price.

Finally, it’s not always true that Hotel Tonight will always be the cheapest, so keep shopping around – or why not check out our Brunch Budget Beds for tips?


BONUS – Hotel Tonight promo code for £15 discount

As a special offer for readers of Eat Drink Stay Dubai, we’re delighted to offer an ADDITIONAL £15 discount with Hotel Tonight

For every hotel booking of over £90 (before tax) you will receive a £15 discount – or the equivalent in local currency, e.g. AED or dirhams.

How to redeem the Hotel Tonight promo code

  • Download the app using this link
  • Ensure your currency settings are set to GBP (pounds – £)
  • Find a hotel with a room rate of at least £90 (before taxes, fees etc.).
  • Select to book for the required dates
  • Use the promo code SCLARK143
  • Your bonus discount of £15 discount should then be applied.

Note – promo code is reuseable, so you could book with the app each day/stay and keep receiving the discount!

Hotel Tonight: One-sentence summary

Excellent app for finding short notice hotels at super-low prices, providing you’re not too choosy.

Have you used Hotel Tonight, and if so, how did you find it? Which hotels have you booked using it? Are you likely to use our promo code for a further £15 discount?

Do let us know using the comments below - we'd love to hear from you!