Travel Books I Recommend {regularly updated}

Travel Guide Books_DK Pocket Atlas

Travel Books I Recommend {regularly updated}

I’m often asked to recommend books – as I love reading – so a good place to start is Travel Books I recommend.

I’m often asked the travel book I recommend the most, and it’s always the same, simple answer – an atlas.

  • Anyone at any age can take inspiration from it
  • Every time you read it, you learn something new
  • It opens up your mind to exploration
  • You discover more about the world around – and away from – you

This pocket-sized atlas has served me well for years, as it covers facts and figures, flags, maps and every country’s own specific data (languages, economy, capitals, climate, people & society etc.)

In my opinion, it’s the first book any child should have in their hands, as it opens up the world of travel and other cultures to them.

Travel Books_DK Pocket Atlas

Travel Books_DK Pocket Atlas

Travel Guide Books

Travel Guide Books are generally in 3 distinct types:-

  1. Detailed Guides: often covering a city or state – e.g. Not For Tourists, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides
  2. Pocket Guides: a smaller, more concise book with less detail – e.g. Rough Guides Pocket Guide, Frommers Easy City Guide, Lonely Planet Discover
  3. List Guides: very brief list-based guides e.g. best museums, best restaurants, best kids’ activities etc. – e.g. Time Out Shortlist, DK Top 10

Note: links are either Kindle or paperback, although I prefer paperback books for travel books. Non-electronic books offer more space for writing notes, keeping papers tucked in and there’s no need to worry about keeping charged up etc.

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Not For Tourists are amazing books, and would be my first choice for local guide books – especially in America. Their forte is to split the city into specific areas, each with it’s own clear, easy to read map highlighting ‘insider’ favourites. For 2017, they will cover Brooklyn, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

Fodor’s, Frommers and Lonely Planet are terrific books covering most popular countries and cities, and I like them because they are extremely detailed – often in full colour – with great neigbourhood listings.

Time Out books tend to represent the data in a ‘listings’ style, as in their popular city-specific magazines.

Travel Inspiration Books


The Four Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss’s classic brought the concept of “Lifestyle Design” to millenials, from ‘mini retirements’ to rapid learning. A must to bring more time and fulfillment to bear, and live the life you want to lead.

Coming Soon:

  • Tech Books
  • Business Books
  • Languages
  • Novels

Note: Some of these links may contain affiliate links. If you purchase any of these books, this site may earn a small fraction of the cost – although the cost to you WILL NOT increase. Please be assured any items listed are products I use and recomend myself, and your kindness will help support this site. Thankyou for your custom 🙂

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